Medisept Ear Piercing Care Gel


Used as an antiseptic to heal any type of minor cuts or abrasions. The healing element is benzekonium Chloride which creates a drying effect to the wound. There is a drying element that is required for all wounds to heal properly. For that reason, alcohol should not be used to heal any type of minor skin abrasion/wound because it tends to over dry the skin. Ear care gel is more directed to the healing of newly pierced ears because it also contains aloe vera which soothes the pierced skin as it heals. Therefore it should only be applied twice a day, morning (after shower) and evening (before bed). Do not over use because it can cause over drying the piercing. It should applied during the 3-4 week training period for the ear piercing stud. It can be used anytime after during the next 4 months when wearing regular earrings. Effective substitutes, to the ear care gel, are bactine, neo-sporin or saline solution (contact lens). Please note that neo-spori is an anti-biotic and it’s purpose is designed to kill any skin infections. Ear care gel, bactine, and saline solution are designed to prevent infections. USE 2 TIMES PER DAY. MORNING AND NIGHT

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