STUDEX Advanced Piercing Aftercare & Cleanser 3.4 FL OZ | 100 ml


Studex after piercing lotion or Gel should be used at least twice a day during the first 6 weeks healing process. Wash the hands, then without removing the earrings, liberally apply After Piercing Lotion or Gel to the front and back of each ear using a saturated cotton ball or tipped applicator.

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STUDEX Advanced is a new & improved 2-in-1 aftercare & cleanser that is Dermatologist & Pediatrician tested for the Immediate aftercare & ongoing hygiene of your piercing. Formulated by specialists it Is hypoallergenic with a skin-neutral pH. It contains purified water & a proprietary manufactured hypochlorous technology to cleanse and care for the skin hygienically.

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