Studex Universal Ear Piercing Instrument Kit With 13 Pairs Ear Studs

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Rs. 12,500.00


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Studex Ear Piercing Set includes the Universal Instrument with three color-coded adapters. The Instrument has a pressure spring to apply gentle pressure on the earlobe to keep it in the right place and ensures the clasp is properly loaded in the clasp retainer. Included is an adapter kit for installing the stud adapters with ease. Included are three Adapters: Large (beige), Mini (pink) and regular (white), 12 PAIR Piercing Studs: 3-pr Large (beige) 3-pr Mini(pink) 6-pr Regular (white); Marking Pen, Window sign, release forms/ aftercare instructions and Operators, Manual. All STUDEX earrings are sealed and Sterilised in individual packages. 100% hypoallergenic. Dimensions: 14.5" x 16" (H).

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